Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Super Blues

Well..... I hate to say it but it happened. There I am in black and blue, which is not the issue. However, the combination of my attire and that of the kids flanking both of my sides (and the butt cheek of one because our stairs are not sock approved) is what scares me. ALL BLACK AND BLUE !!! My pap always told me that his favorite color was black and blue which was always funny to me. But this little mishaps of colors as shown above should not happen this often in my house.


Actually I prefer men, but either way. I am on the look out for the finely dressed men that know that it is their job too to look good. REMINDER: you don't need your Sunday's best on to look fresh, sometimes all you need is a new white tee and sometimes you just need something made by me, such as the hoodie on the fellow below.

Promlem Solving 101

The following pictures are results from a class that I took during my junior year. It was a class titled Problem Solving. I first remember hearing the name of this class and thinking ohhhh greatttttt another math class!!! Little did I know (stupid freshman) that this class would become one of my favorite for many reasons. One of the greatest facets to this class was my professor, who I am sure is totally in his glory with the return of the day glo colors, not that it ever faded in his mind. This man is one of the most interesting people I have ever met. He has the best stories to tell and is not afraid to tell them. He also plays the greatest games with magazine spreads and really I could just ramble on and on about him....but I won't. Anyways, the gist of the class was you had to design a garment with supply limitations. Usually any type of fabric was excluded from the list from allowed materials and there was always a price restriction. Everything was made for under ten bucks, and I honestly followed all the guidelines.

1st assignment - Skin of something - Apple
2nd assignment - Game - Candyland
3rd assignment Rework an existing dress/no scraps allowed
4th assignment -Collaboration/Food Product - Justyne/Can of Sardines

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

work hard play hard

Work hard, play hard....this is something I firmly belive in. I have been working semi-a-lot lately but a part of me would love to be able to work even more. However, I had off one day last I played. Take a look at where that got me. Enjoy.

Thursday, December 3, 2009


For all of you who don't know.......MUSIC is what makes the world go round'. There is never a day that goes by in my life that I don't listen to music, hum, whistle......(like a champ) sing, dance to, whatever it maybe. In fact I usually do all of the above to just one song. I fall in love with music...different music, all the time. Currently I am in love with an extraodinary man (R>I>P) J Dilla. I found him after I went to a great concert this great in fact......that I can't even tell you about will just have to trust me. But anyways, at this concert I heard the name Dilla.....then my main music man Scott (who has his own song which is worth his own blog post) gave me a little background. I will let you get your own info on Dilla....I don't know how much time you have!!!.....just give the man a little respect and DO NOT wikipedia him!!!
So yes...I am in love and if you know what is good for you...other than just checking out this blog.... YOU WILL check out some J Dilla. I have an unreal amount of Pandora stations and I can tell you that J Dilla's has been the best one yet. I even named this new sweet air plant that I got Dilla, just to show my devotion.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


There is no reason to shop Cragslist, Amazon, or even Macy's this holiday season. The dream is for sale (just see below for proof). It may not fit in a may not be perfect for who ever your secret santa is.......but I am sure that you are going to need day. Pick one up while supplies last!!!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Like I said before, my sneakers have recently been to Denver. They liked it there. Here are some shots of other locations they landed me during my visit.

Led Zeppelin

The first town that I stopped into while visiting was great. So great in fact that I forget it's name! Anyways this is where I got to meet Led Zeppelin . He was chillin' in the back of a store looking quite content. Later on in this little town I had a great caffeinated beverage that was not from a Starbucks. More importantly this town is where I got my first ever cupcake hat (which you will see in the future).
Side View

After driving around in Colorado for a couple of hours I took a great breath of fresh air and saw this (please see above) from the side of the road. It was a good thing that I was not driving because the next thing that I found myself upon was this (please see below).

Trial Beers

Red Rocks Brewery on 16th Street in Denver was such a great place I ended up going there twice. They had so many new great beers to my tastebuds that they let me taste most of them....for free. When do you get that kind of treatment in Philly? They had the first keg of their Pumpkin Ale of the season to give out for free to whomever wanted to drink it. So I did.

Street Artist

While being on 16th St. I stumbled upon a great artist. There I found a small, yet perfect pink monster that would fit into my book bag for the journey home (we live happily in Philadelphia now).

This next picture is of my friend Julian, who is simply awesome. He was doing a lead climb during this photo so the rest of the gang would be able to climb the route. I actually made it to the top as well but with a lot more frustrations and curse words. Rocking climb was never anything that I actually wanted to do in my life... and now I can not wait till I can do it again.


Here is a shot that was taken at the place where we were climbing at. The building that you can see in the bottom of the picture is actually a part of the Coors brewery.


On my way up

This picture is last but not least. This is by far the coolest picture that I took while out in Colorado. It was a super wonderful day with great clouds in the sky. I know one day I will be using this picture for inspiration because it is just that super.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Cereal and eat it too !

Google has enriched my life...yet again! So after I scrolled over to Cookie Monster's crummy face (which I heard from someone that Cookie Monster now eats that is bunk) I was thrilled to find out that it was the 40th anniversary for Sesame Street. Not that I really care about any of that, this little bit of information made me reflect on my childhood..which I am obviously hanging onto. As I finish my beautiful bowl of colorful cereal, which you can see above, I think back to when I was a kid and how I had one aisle to talk my mom into buying me this sugary shit with an even junkier toy inside. I would then follow up these efforts by actually never having more than one bowl of cereal. How I see it now is this was just the beginning of my ventures in sales. I don't think that I was so successful when it came to talking my parents into buying me pretty cupcakes... That I am not over! As promised before my friend the Pirate took some sweet pictures. As for the ones that I am not in they were taken by me :) Happy (belated Halloween) Thursday / Unbirthday / Whatever!!!

Monday, November 2, 2009

in MY shoes

This is the first of a series you will be seeing of pictues of my shoes. The deal with that is besides the fact that my shoes are normally pretty cool I have come up with the idea to let you the veiwers see were my shoes take me (for those who are married and with children...go can pretend that they are your shoes). So I am letting you in my shoes....not my pants...but it's a congrats!!!
This was taken in Colorado just outside of Denver at my first ever rugby game. There I got to meet a bunch of awesome guys, learn the word scrum, and see the city skyline with the back drop of giant mountains. Needless to say I had a stellar time. The sun was shinning quite nicely and the grass was extra lush, that is why my shoes were not on my feet. P.S. the teams colors were red and black...good thing I packed extra shoes!

Variety in the House

I just needed to share this photo that I took one day while checking some festival thing out in the city. I went with 3 of my girls and they all rolled out of the house and down the street in the following. I swear on my life this was not planned, I did not dress like them, and that all of this is true. PLEASE NOTE the bags that they carry are all on the same shoulder and they all have a blue shirt on that has been paired with some type of comfortable black pants. For everyone who says that they don't care what they look like even on rainy days.....yes you do!!!

Sooner or Later

Sooooooooooo..... I just got some photos that were taken by my girl Sarah Schu. There will be more of her work for you to view later, so pencil that in your agenda. These pictures were taken for my first collection in school, Fall 2008 titled Love Triangle. It was a collection of only 3 looks but I had a story for each one. There was a girlfriend, a seducer, and a boyfriend/ cheater. Hopefully if you are reading this blog you are old enough to have played at least one of these roles. It was a great concept, even better garments, but I really need to hand it to my super stellar models. Here are a few shots. Enjoy!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


WARNING!!! What you will be seeing here in the future may cause side effects including but not limited to the desire to shop, the urge to look sharp and just a warm fuzzy feeling all over.