Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Like I said before, my sneakers have recently been to Denver. They liked it there. Here are some shots of other locations they landed me during my visit.

Led Zeppelin

The first town that I stopped into while visiting was great. So great in fact that I forget it's name! Anyways this is where I got to meet Led Zeppelin . He was chillin' in the back of a store looking quite content. Later on in this little town I had a great caffeinated beverage that was not from a Starbucks. More importantly this town is where I got my first ever cupcake hat (which you will see in the future).
Side View

After driving around in Colorado for a couple of hours I took a great breath of fresh air and saw this (please see above) from the side of the road. It was a good thing that I was not driving because the next thing that I found myself upon was this (please see below).

Trial Beers

Red Rocks Brewery on 16th Street in Denver was such a great place I ended up going there twice. They had so many new great beers to my tastebuds that they let me taste most of them....for free. When do you get that kind of treatment in Philly? They had the first keg of their Pumpkin Ale of the season to give out for free to whomever wanted to drink it. So I did.

Street Artist

While being on 16th St. I stumbled upon a great artist. There I found a small, yet perfect pink monster that would fit into my book bag for the journey home (we live happily in Philadelphia now).

This next picture is of my friend Julian, who is simply awesome. He was doing a lead climb during this photo so the rest of the gang would be able to climb the route. I actually made it to the top as well but with a lot more frustrations and curse words. Rocking climb was never anything that I actually wanted to do in my life... and now I can not wait till I can do it again.


Here is a shot that was taken at the place where we were climbing at. The building that you can see in the bottom of the picture is actually a part of the Coors brewery.


On my way up

This picture is last but not least. This is by far the coolest picture that I took while out in Colorado. It was a super wonderful day with great clouds in the sky. I know one day I will be using this picture for inspiration because it is just that super.

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