Monday, November 2, 2009

in MY shoes

This is the first of a series you will be seeing of pictues of my shoes. The deal with that is besides the fact that my shoes are normally pretty cool I have come up with the idea to let you the veiwers see were my shoes take me (for those who are married and with children...go can pretend that they are your shoes). So I am letting you in my shoes....not my pants...but it's a congrats!!!
This was taken in Colorado just outside of Denver at my first ever rugby game. There I got to meet a bunch of awesome guys, learn the word scrum, and see the city skyline with the back drop of giant mountains. Needless to say I had a stellar time. The sun was shinning quite nicely and the grass was extra lush, that is why my shoes were not on my feet. P.S. the teams colors were red and black...good thing I packed extra shoes!

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